What is a Compounding Pharmacy? – Your local compounding pharmacy in north myrtle beach.

Pharmacy compounding makes medications easier to use and take.

It’s no secret that many medications have an unpleasant taste or can be difficult to take. This can often make medications difficult to take as prescribed — especially in patients who are notoriously particular about taking medications, including young children, elderly patients, and even pets. Fortunately, a compounding pharmacist can custom create your prescribed medications in the flavor or flavors of your choice, making it much more palatable and easy to take.

Pharmacy compounding allows patients access to discontinued or hard to find medications.

As a patient, one of the most frustrating things you can experience is to find out that a medication you need and regularly take has been discontinued, or that you are no longer able to find it. Just because the medication has been discontinued doesn’t mean that you don’t still need the specific medication or the health benefits that it provides. Cherry Grove Drug is an important ally in providing access to discontinued or hard to find medications, since they can closely replicate or reproduce the medication to ensure that you continue to receive all of the benefits of the prescription and the important care that you require.

Pharmacy compounding allows for alternative medication dosage forms.

At Cherry Grove Drug, you can have your prescription filled in these forms. And did you know that, sometimes, medications can be formulated in a topical form? As a topical medication, your prescription is compounded into a cream or gel that is absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream. Further, a compounding pharmacy is able to tailor your medications to the exact dosage and strength that you need.

Compounding pharmaceuticals can make your medications allergy friendly.

There are many ingredients in traditional medications that can cause an allergic reaction or sensitivity, such as dyes, flavorings, lactose, gluten, alcohol, and more. Further, widely available commercial medications may contain other factors, such as a specific preservative, that may not be well tolerated by the patient. A compounding pharmacy like Cherry Grove Drug is able to create the prescription without the offending ingredients, making the medication safer for the patient and more easily tolerated.

Compounding pharmacies can offer services that larger pharmacy chains can’t —or won’t.

One of the primary responsibilities and services of Cherry Grove Drug is getting to know their patients and finding out what their medical needs are. What sort of symptoms are they having? What medications have been prescribed? Have they had any sort or allergic or negative reaction to any of the medications? Is there a different form or flavor that you would prefer for your medication?

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