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Ananda Professional Soothing Lotion


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Containing 300mg of active cannabinoids, the natural benefits of aloe, jojoba seed oil, white willow bark, and coconut oil, and relaxing aromatics, the Ananda Professional Soothing Lotion is ideal for soothing and repairing larger areas of the body.
  • 2 fl. oz. (60 mL) bottle
  • 300 mg active cannabinoids
  • Made in the USA
Unlike the Ananda Professional salve and roll-on that contain the cooling and relieving properties of menthol and/or camphor, the lotion does not. While many patients enjoy those benefits, they may not be always welcomed by consumers. For example, those with eczema or psoriasis may find the menthol or other ingredients in the salve or roll-on irritating.