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Ananda Professional PM Blend – 1000mg


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Ananda Professional Full Spectrum CBD + CBN Blend, the best CBD for sleep?

The best CBD for sleep may not actually be JUST CBD. Cannabidiol also known as “CBD” and Cannabinol (CBN) are two prominent examples of cannabinoids that occur naturally in Cannabis and Hemp. CBN influences the body’s endocannabinoid system, a complex network of receptors that regulate multiple homeostasis activities, including balancing the sleep/wake cycle. While the PM Blend makes this new Ananda Professional product the best CBD for sleep if we are using the blanket term “CBD” to cover all Hemp derived oils as CBD, but it’s the blend with CBN that really brings out the potential.

Cannabinoids (CBN) are frequently used to improve sleep quality.

CBN is widely considered to be the most sedating cannabinoid, promoting better quality sleep by not only helping people fall asleep, but also staying asleep.