Cherry Grove Drug gives you high-quality prescription drugs, medical supplies, compounded medications, and over-the-counter medicines at super low rates! This allows you to make the most of your hard-earned money.

Having worked in the industry for many years, we know the demands of our customers and we’ve continuously searched for ways to meet such demands. This has enabled us to respond to our clients’ needs with compassion. We make sure that we constantly exceed the expectations that our customers place on us.

We strive to improve the health of the community through our customer-focused approach in pharmacy services. We aim to deliver pharmaceutical services in a seamless, comprehensive, cost-effective, and efficient manner.

Cherry Grove Drug envisions being of service to the community for everyone to have healthy lives through quality and affordable medicines.

We value the individuality of each customer. Our staff members are well-trained to handle clients from all walks of life. We treat each customer who comes to us for help with a high level of respect and ensures that their needs are met. This is customer service at its finest!

About the Owner

Jenna Lynne Dukes, PharmD, grew up in the small rural town of Gilbert, West Virginia. Her dream of owning and operating an independent pharmacy began at an early age. This desire only continued to grow through her time at West Virginia University and her career with on of the largest retail pharmacies in the U.S. Growing up in the coalfields of southern West Virginia, “independent pharmacy” is the only pharmacy that Jenna ever knew. It wasn’t uncommon for each of these small West Virginia towns to include multiple independent pharmacies bearing the name of the particular municipality or the name of its owner. The customer service, personalized care, and relaxed atmosphere of these independent pharmacies made a lasting impact on Jenna. After spending almost a decade working for a national chain in North Myrtle Beach, Jenna realized that she was not able to extend the personalized care and attention to her customers on the other side of the counter. Her customers voiced their apprehensions, frustrations, and concerns with the national retail pharmacy system. Jenna listened to these concerns for years and finally heeded the advice of friends, family, and customers to open her own pharmacy