Can Black Friday shopping actually be good for your health?

Can Black Friday Shopping Actually Be Good For Your Health?

It’s not something you’ve probably ever thought about… and neither have we! But we recently came across post on social media and actually agree, there are some benefits to Black Friday shopping for more reasons than good deals!

Why people love Black Friday 

There are a ton of reasons why people love Black Friday(sometimes Thursday), but most people like the shopping holiday because of the great deals.

Not only can you buy gifts for a fraction of the price they normally cost, but shopping for presents can really get you into the giving spirit.

Why Black Friday Shopping Is Healthy For You
#1: Sense Of Competition

When most of us think about Black Friday, they think about stampedes of people at 3am, running over one another to buy a TV for $100 less than normal… at least that’s what I think about.

While that may sound like a horrible experience, for some the feeling of competition can be really fun!

Not only can it make you feel more excited and playful, but competition can also give you a boost healthy adrenaline.

#2: Deals make us happy

The savings from all your local Black Friday deals have a positive effect on our brain. According to a Clermont University Study, people who used coupons to shop had decreased levels of stress, higher oxytocin levels and rated their own happiness higher!

#3: Walking is good for you!

This may be common sense and pretty obvious but one of the benefits of going shopping is the amount of walking you’ll do… who knows, you may end up running at some point too! #BuyAllTheThings

Walking has many benefits so we won’t bore you with all that… but just know it is very good for you.

#4: Spending time with friends and family

Many people go Black Friday shopping with friends or family members. Spending this time with loved ones can improve your mood, lower your stress, and increase your sense of belonging, explains the Mayo Clinic.

#5: Be Prepared

Don’t fall into the temptations of Cinnabon at the Coastal Grand Mall

Bring healthy snacks and refillable water bottles to fend off any temptations. Make sure you wear good walking shoes & get plenty of sleep the night before… unless you start the night before in that case try and sneak in a nap. Good luck and stay healthy!